The Opticians Association of Canada Continuing Education Library is available in electronic format. Continuing Education (Con Ed) Modules can be completed online or delivered via email.  * Special requests can be made for individuals without computer access.

Cost of Con Ed Modules:
OAC members: $15.00 per credit
Non-members: $60.00 for 1 or 2 credit modules; $30.00 per credit for all modules over 2 credits.

Special OAC member discounts:
* to receive this discount, all credits must be purchased at the same time

Purchase 6 credits for $69.00*
Purchase 10 credits for $109.00*

Types of Con Ed Modules Available:

Individual Con Ed Modules – These modules are individual articles on specific subjects.

Full Course Con Ed Modules - These modules form a full course on specific subjects.

The Ophthalmic Supervisor Series is highly recommended for the use of any optician supervising a student or intending to supervise a student in the future. Additionally the series contains excellent resource material that will allow an optician to relate more easily with their clients and staff. Each module is fully accredited for continuing education.


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