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Corporate Fellowship with the Opticians Association of Canada

The Corporate Fellow classification of membership was incorporated into the OAC’s new by-laws as a means of enabling mutually beneficial affiliations with corporate suppliers to the industry.  The focus of the OAC Fellowship is the commitment of both parties to education.

The Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) believes it has an obligation to the education of opticians.  The OAC along with its partner the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology provides primary education to 7 Canadian provinces and is the exclusive provider of primary education to 6 of those provinces. 

The OAC’s continuing education program consists of a library of modules that are available in a variety of formats.  Paper based modules are available in a distance delivery format.  Many of these modules were acquired from companies and they continue to be a valuable asset to the OAC.  We are hopeful that through a Corporate Fellowship with the OAC our library can be further enhanced with more collections of scientific papers and industry literature.

As well as a traditional distance delivery arrangement, the OAC will have an online continuing education website very shortly that will include all of the themes available in paper based format as well as video transcriptions of live lectures that have been given at the OAC’s Vision Canada conferences. 

OAC’s Corporate Fellowship
Many companies have consistently exhibited a dedication to education of the vision health community and of consumers.  The OAC is aware of the continued support that companies have provided to Vision Canada and to provincial associations. For this reason the OAC believes that companies could enhance their educational efforts through a Corporate Fellow relationship with the OAC.  The OAC will design an attractive Corporate Fellowship benefit package that will allow companies to provide this additional level of commitment to the profession. 

Corporate Fellowship Fee
As an enabling device varying levels of annual Corporate Fellowship fees have been established.  Click here to view the 4 different levels. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the 4 levels, or if you wish to have us design a specific level for you, please contact us at or at 1-800-847-3155. 

We look forward to the opportunity of further exploring the possibilities of a future partnership between the OAC and your company.


Thank You to Our Corporate Partners

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