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The Opticians Association of Canada (incorporated in 1990) is a professional association representing Licensed Opticians in Canada. Our mission is to promote Licensed Opticians and the profession; to develop and maintain a professional standard of knowledge and proficiency in our occupational field, and to educate and inform vision care consumers about matters related to their eye health.

To that end, the Association strives to ensure high quality products and services are provided in Canada by its opticians and to promote the highest standard of education for those opticians. In addition, the Association is mandated to review legislation affecting the eye care industry and to seek changes where deemed necessary.

To guarantee that these standards are maintained throughout Canada, the Association relies upon its provincial counterparts to carefully monitor the situations in their provinces and to take the appropriate steps to maintain the integrity of the profession and to support their regulatory bodies in protecting the public interest.

The OAC provides consumer education through postings on its website, by responding to consumer questions and by initiating and encouraging community outreach programs.  The OAC also produces pamphlets and informational pieces that Opticians are encouraged to use in their retail dispensaries.


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